People of Basketball: Deborah Crone

After 25 years of dedicated service, Deborah Crone remains unwavering in her love for the sport.

Deborah Crone stands as a pivotal figure whose passion for basketball has not only left a lasting impact but has also played a significant role in shaping Logan’s local sports landscape.  

Deborah's journey into the world of basketball administration began when she put her children into school basketball. However, the lack of local opportunities for representative basketball led her and a group of like-minded individuals to form a committee. This initiative became the foundation for what is now known as Logan Basketball Inc. Established in 1998, the organization aimed to provide children in the Logan area with opportunities to play the sport at various levels. 

For Deborah, basketball was more than just a game. It was a community-building activity that brought people together.  

I could see the kids were having such a wonderful time and it was more community based

— Crone

Witnessing the joy on children's faces and the inclusive nature of the sport inspired her to create an environment where kids of all ages, boys and girls alike, could join in and play. This passion led her to become a member of the Cavs Basketball Club committee, an affiliated club ofLogan Basketball, where she dedicated 15 years of service.

Deborah's commitment didn’t stop there. She served as the President of Logan Basketball from 2002 to 2004 and played a role in the inception of the Logan Thunder women's WNBL team. Her enthusiasm for the sport led her to take on the role of team manager for the Logan Thunder women's team in QBL/QSL/NBL1. Crone also took the role of Competition’s Manager, overseeing Logan’s growth into one of the largest basketball associations in the state. 

As Logan Basketball continues to grow, Deborah envisions maintaining the close-knit feeling of family and community. With second and third generations of Logan players returning as coaches, she sees a positive trajectory for the association. 

These coaches, raised with the same philosophies, are ready to guide Logan Basketball into the future

— Crone

After 25 years of dedicated service, Deborah Crone remains unwavering in her commitment to the association. Her love for the sport, coupled with the joy of watching her children coach her grandchildren, fuels her enthusiasm. When asked about moving on, her answer was a resounding "No."

As long as she finds joy in what she does and continues to see the positive impact on the community, Logan basketball will always be her home away from home.

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