You wouldn’t know if your team is winning, how much time was left to play nor how many points your favourite player scored! In basketball, it is the scoretable officials that keep the score and time.

In local competitions, it may be done by parents, or even the teams themselves. However, in higher grades, specialised scoretable officials perform the roles.

Why become a scoretable official?

Just like referees, there are many reasons why people might become a scoretable official. Most scoretable officials are fans of the game who enjoy being involved at the local level. They become scoretable officials to support basketball and the teams love.

Being a scoretable official does not require the same level of fitness and mobility that is needed to be a referee so scoretable can be a great way to stay connected to the game.

Become a scoretable official

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Roles of the Scoretable Official

In higher level games, there are 5 specific scoretable positions:

  • Chairperson: Ensure the smooth operation on the scoretable and communicates with the referees.
  • Scorer: Completes the scoresheet.
  • Assistant Scorer: This position is not always required but when present will assist with operating the scoreboard.
  • Timekeeper: Operate the game clock and in most situations also operate the scoreboard.
  • 24-second shot clock operator: Operate the shot clock by stopping and resetting according to the rules.