Unlike players (who are likely to be substituted for rests during the game) the referees (there are two on the majority of games and three on higher-level games) are on-court the whole game and work together to do the best job the game. It’s not easy but it can be incredibly rewarding!

Why Referee

  • participate in the sport and being part of the community;
  • improve their knowledge and understanding of the rules of basketball;
  • earning “pocket money”, saving for a holiday etc.
  • stay fit;


For referees in Australia from learning to become a referee to state, national and international accreditation.

Roles of the Referee

  • Before the Game: Both teams have completed the score-sheet, equipment's and scorers are ready and players are in the correct uniform.
  • During the Game: To ensure that it is played according to the rules. This includes stopping play for time-outs or substitutions when requested by a coach.
  • Conclusion of the Game: The referee checks the scoresheet and sign-offs that the game was completed.

Some referees are interested only in helping at their local association whilst others may aspire to state, national or international competition! The pathway exists so that everyone can participate to the level of their skill and interest.