National Volunteer Week - Alvin Caoyonan

Basketball Australia thanks Alvin Caoyonan for his contributions.

Alvin Caoyonan
Byron Bay Basketball Association

Recognising all of the people who helped Alvin in his journey as a kid, giving back to the community is something that Alvin never thought twice about.

A man of many talents - Club, Rep and State Coach, Board Director, Court Controller, Coaching Director, Representative Director and Dad are just some of the hats Alvin Caoyonan has worn during his time as a volunteer. 

Alvin has shared some insights on his journey from volunteering from club level to state. 


"Giving back to sport in the community. A lot of people went out of their way to help me along my journey when I was young, so giving back was never given a second thought."

 "Watching young athletes turn into young adults as they pursue their goals, and the fulfilment you get when you see it unfold before you over time. "

Various roles

"I've been with Byron Bay Basketball since 2014"

Roles - a few! Club, Rep, State Coach. Board Director, Court Controller, Coaching Director, Representative Director, Dad!"

Memorable moments

"Don't have one memorable experience in particular, but when you see your athletes play with joy and freedom it makes it all worthwhile."


"Contributing to something bigger than you provides a sense of fulfilment that's hard to describe at times. "

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