Basketball Australia Community Coaches x MOJO = Game Changer

The Mojo app empowers coaches with a truly all-in-one app to manage your team, schedule the seasons, and build effective practices in seconds which are customised to the age and skill level of your team.

We know that parents and coaches in Australia need support as more than 80% of our coaches are parents who volunteer their time.

We know that a coach organising Practice is much more than just sending out a time and place. The Mojo app in partnership with Basketball Australia empowers the coaches with a truly all-in-one app to manage your team, schedule the seasons, and build effective practices in seconds which are customised to the age and skill level of your team. 

All activities feature easy to follow instructional videos that make setup and coaching a breeze. The Basketball game and activity videos will blow you away with their quality as they are created by the same team behind the Netflix Documentary “The Last Dance”

With the MOJO app in partnership with Basketball Australia, you can schedule a practice from the palm of your hand. You can browse through the app to see the 30+ ready to go session plans and 74 high quality game and activity videos.

The magic of the app is in its custom practice plans — expert-designed, age-appropriate and fun. You can show up on the court with just a few minutes to go and know that you have everything you need to run a great practice. With MOJO in partnership with Basketball Australia , it’s a practice that keeps kids engaged, while giving them the fundamental skills they’ll need on game day.

You can set up your trainings for the year with progressions and assistance to suggest suitable activities for you team.

For the more advanced coaches you can upload some of your own favourite drills into your personal library and include them in your training plans that you can share directly with your team and assistant coaches through the app. This chat function will mean no more need for facebook groups or text threads and allows clear communication for both coaches and parents.

Off the court, the app can help with all the other aspects of youth sports — how to connect with, inspire and motivate your players, how to manage all those personalities (child and adult), how to make this season of youth sports memorable for all the right reasons.

The app also offers world class know how at your fingertips with expert resources not just from Basketball Australia and your respective state or territory but also worldwide leaders. These resources can answer every coaching question and provide hundreds of activities for both team play and one on one fun. These will be able to be accessed through the news feed on your home page.

Launched in February 2021, the MOJO platform has been used by more than five million families and 25,000 organisations involved in youth sports in 178 countries around the world including the NBA, MLB, MLS, NFL FLAG, and US Youth Soccer.

Basketball Australia CEO, Matt Scriven, said he was thrilled to deliver this game changing app around Australia.

“The MOJO app will be a game-changer for Aussie Hoops, and we’re really excited to provide this one-stop-shop resource for parents, coaches and administrators,” Scriven said.

“Our Aussie Hoops program has seen a 20 per cent jump in participation rates in term one this year, which is a tremendous increase, and highlights the popularity of basketball with children and families across Australia.

“With MOJO’s player-focused curriculum, innovative technology and intuitive platform it will bring new expertise, elevate the program and help draw more entry-level coaches into the sport.

“Together, MOJO, Basketball Australia and our member organisations aim to enhance the experience for those in the Aussie Hoops community and continue to grow junior basketball from the grassroots up.”

The MOJO app for  coaches, will be available on iOS and Android platforms from today, Tuesday April 18.

To access the App you can download it from the Apple and Android App store, search for MOJO sport.

When you sign up for an account make sure you search your relevant state and territory to be able to receive state specific news and content in your news feed.